What is the Roster

The Roster is a unique nationwide information resource dedicated to assisting scientific research on Huntington disease (HD). The National Research Roster for Huntington Disease Patients and Families was established in 1979 at Indiana University in response to a recommendation from the Commission for the Control of Huntington’s Disease and its Consequences. Funding for the Roster is provided by the Hereditary Disease Foundation (HDF). The Hereditary Disease Foundation (HDF) is committed to promoting research projects to identify treatments and cures for HD. We are immensely grateful to the Hereditary disease foundation and HDF President, Dr. Nancy Wexler, for their support. For more information about the HDF, please visit www.hdfoundation.org. The Roster computerizes information about the history of HD in the family (family trees) and other related data. This information identifies HD patients and families who may be interested in participating in research projects.

For more information, download a Roster brochure.

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About the Roster

Important Facts About the Roster